Negative Ad Campaign

Though it’s not campaign season any more -- or yet -- it's never the wrong time to go negative:

Superlative T-Shirt Slogans

Just Because There's Snow on the Roof Doesn't Mean the House is Properly Insulated

You Don't Have to Agree with the Present Administration to Work Here, But It Helps

I'm with Stalin ------>

Kiss Me, I'm Churlish
Kiss Me, I'm Irate

This Isn't a Bald Spot, it's a Solar Panel for a Love Machine. Also, I Lost My Hair On Account of Too Much Testosterone.

Thomas Paine's Lesser-Known Works

Common Misconceptions

Sixth Sense

Gut Feeling

Women's Intuition

Educated Guesses

Thoughts...from the Heart

That new kid was dangerous.

We said, "Jinx, you owe me a Coke."
She said, Jinx, you owe me a beer."