It’s Dick Cheney – And He’s Armed!

Ever since the Poughkeepsie Journal reported this weekend that Vice President Dick Cheney will go hunting at the Clove Valley Rod & Gun Club, the humor’s been flying like buckshot in LaGrangeville, New York.

“The same old jokes are going around,” says Matt Dwyer, who is in charge of clipping bird wings for the gun club. “You know, ‘let’s hope his aim is better now than when he was saying there was an al Qaida-Saddam link’ and ‘I bet the birds know what Valerie Plame felt like.’ Just good-natured stuff like that.’

While some area residents complain about road closings and traffic delays, others say he should be left alone to enjoy some well-deserved R&R and get a taste of what it will be like when he retires to private life to enjoy his deferred Halliburton compensation full-time.

But there are a few class clowns who can’t resist having a little good-natured fun about Cheney’s hunting abilities.

“I’m no Jay Leno,” says one long-time Dutchess County resident. “The man’s here to commune with nature and shoot at it, so we won’t be making with the gags about his aim in the past – like why he’s underfunding the CIA in favor of the NSA. Or the liberties he’s taken with the Constitution.”


spellchecker still picking up "bat-erang"

awl -- new hole in the utility belt (Robin stay out of good tool box)

update Justice League speed dial numbers for Green Lantern
tell Kyle, Hal, Guy, Jon, Alan -- NOBODY is going in top five

remove test gyrostabilization chip from Cuisinart

for WGTM's on-air limerick contest Friday:
There was was a man called The Penguin
A criminal vicious, yet sanguine
Believe it or not
He's Oswald Cobblepot
And his criminal mind (something something)

Call university geneologist re: possible relation to Mad Anthony Wayne

add real fruit juice to batsicle prototype
batsicle too similar-sounding to batcycle?


letter to editor Gotham Gazette, correct web site, search for:
Bat Man

write Gotham Dept of Buildings

  1. lots of abandoned warehouses and former factories, perfect villain lairs
  2. unsafe parapets

Meeting with Comm Gordon -- problems with Bat-Signal / movie premieres

schedule follow-up appt Dr. Goldberg re: batsicles (batstes)