Hotgust in Atlanta

"The Ring of Ultimate Power," a comedy short I made with Jay Stern and Alan McIntyre Smith, premieres at the Dragon*Con 2007 Film Festival on Labor Day Weekend.

It says here Dragon*Con is "America's largest annual convention for fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, Comics and Art, Games and Computers, Animation, Science, Music, Television and Film."

This is your big chance to see our little movie on the big screen and enjoy the work of some very funny people:

Clyde Baldo ~ Will Carlough ~ Tom Carrozza
Mary Micari ~ Mickey Ryan ~ Victor Varnado ~ Jeff Ward

Thrill to Zach Abramson's mighty score!

Be in awe of Frank Spitznagel's compulsory Euro-y pop song over the end credits!

Jay will be there to chaperone "The Ring of Ultimate Power," so be sure to look for him.